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 Quest Outline Generator
MON Ratio: --

1.  (Object
2.  (Object
3.  (Monster)->  NPC 
4.  NPC  (Object NPC  Object 
-STAGES are the number of "chapters" of a quest, change of stage signifies that the PCs must move elsewhere to continue the quest.

-MON RATIO (Monster/Object/NPC) is the weight that the particular elements have. The default of 1-1-1 means that, monsters, objects, NPC's are equal - each has a 33% chance of occuring. 2-1-1, means that monsters are roughly 50% of the quest, while the rest deals with NPC's and objects.

-A bold Monster, Object or NPC signifies that that particular entry is the primary goal for the current stage of the quest.

-A directional arrow means that the first object is directly related. For example NPC->Object, might mean that the npc gives the players a magical knife, while NPC, Object might mean that the player are sent to FIND a magical knife somewhere in the woods.

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