reality is now fulfilled


	Battery			Distance			Industrial
	Delerium		Karma				Industrial
	Evil's Toy		Illusion			EBM
	Forma Tadre		Navigator			EBM
	Haujobb			Solutions for a Small Planet 	EBM
	Ivoux			Frozen				Gothic
	KMFDM			Nihil				Industrial
	Noise Unit		dEcodEr				EBM
	Noise Unit		Drill				Industrial
	THD			Outside In			EBM
	The Sisters of Mercy	First and Last and Always	Gothic
	The Sisters of Mercy	Floodland			Gothic
	Toadies			Rubberneck			Alternative
	Various Artists		Electro Industrial Assassins 	EBM
	Various Artists		Intelligent Inside		Industrial-Dance
	X-Marks the Pedwalk	Drawback			Industrial-Dance
	X-Marks the Pedwalk	The Kiling Had Begun		EBM

Above Average:
	Chemlab			East Side Militia		Industrial
	Cleen			Designed Memories		Industrial-Dance
	Fear Factory		Remanufacture (cloning techn.)	Industrial
	Front Line Assembly	Flavour of the Weak		Industrial
	God Lives Underwater	Empty				Alternative
	Haujobb			Frames				EBM
	Haujobb			Freeze Frame Reality		EBM
	Hyperdex 1-sect		Metachrome			EBM
	Juno Reactor		Bible of Dreams			Techno
	Leaether Strip		Legacy of Hate and Lust		EBM
	Leaether Strip		Self Inflicted			Industrial
	Mentallo & The Fixer	Burnt Beyond Recognition	Industrial
	Messiah			Twenty First Century Jesus	Techno
	Pax			The Power of Pure Intellect	Techno
	Penal Colony		5 Man Job			Industrial
	Pulse Legion		Evolve				Industrial
	Razed in Black		Overflow			Industrial
	Sister Machine Gun	Sins of the Flesh		Industrial
	Skold			Skold				Industrial
	SMP			Ultimatum			Industrial
	Switchblade Symphony	Bread and Jam for Frances	Gothic
	THD			Watz your Program		Industrial-Dance
	Tool			Aenima				Alternative
	Various Artists		RAS DVA: There is No Time 	Industrial
	X-Marks the Pedwalk	Four Fit (The Singles 		Industrial-Dance
	16 Volt			Skin				Industrial
	Apparatus		Apparatus			Industrial
	Battery			Mutate				Industrial
	Battery			NV				Industrial
	Birmingham 6		Policestate			Industrial-Dance
	Brain Leisure		Mindfire			EBM
	Chemlab			Burn Out at the Hydrogen 	Industrial
	Christ Analogue		Optima				Industrial
	Clay People		Stone-Ten Stitches		Industrial
	Clay People		The Iron Icon			Industrial
	Cowboy Junkies		The Trinity Sessions		Alternative
	Diatribe		Diatribe			Industrial
	Diatribe		Therapy				Industrial
	Die Krupps		Fatherland			Industrial
	Fields of the Nephilim	Revelations			Gothic
	Front Line Assembly	Hard Wired			Industrial
	Gravity Kills		Gravity Kills			Industrial
	Hanzel Und Gretyl	Transmissions from 		Industrial
	Hate Dept		Meat.Your.Maker			Industrial
	Haujobb			Cleaned Visions			EBM
	Haujobb			Homes & Gardens			EBM
	Haujobb			Matrix				EBM
	Heavy Water Factory	Cries From Hell: Remixes 	Industrial
	Individual Totem	Mind Sculptures Flesh		Industrial
	Information Society	Don't Be Afraid			Industrial
	Iron Lung Corp		Big Shiny Spears		Industrial
	John Frizzell		Alien Resurrection (Sound 	Classical
	KMFDM			*&!@#				Industrial
	KMFDM			Angst				Industrial
	Laibach			Kapital				Industrial
	Leaether Strip		Retropsective			EBM
	Leaether Strip		Seranade for the Dead		Atmospheric
	Lights of Euphoria	Lights of Euphoria		Industrial-Dance
	Lords of Acid		Our Little Secret		Techno
	Lustmord		The Place Where the Black 	Atmospheric
	Marilyn Manson		Antichrist Superstar		Industrial
	Mentallo & The Fixer	Where Angels Fear to Tread	Industrial
	Morbid Angel		Domination			Metal
	NEWT			-273C				Atmospheric
	Non-Agression Pact	9mm Grudge			Industrial
	Penal Colony		Put Your Hands Down		Industrial
	Razed in Black		Shrieks, Laments and 		Industrial
	Seraphim Shock		Red Silk Vow			Gothic
	Sister Machine Gun	The Torture Technique		Industrial
	Skinny Puppy		Brap				Industrial
	SMP			Stalemate			Industrial
	Snog			Hooray!!			Industrial
	Terror Against Terror	Psychological warfare 		Industrial
	They Might Be Giants	Factory Showroom		Alternative
	Thine Eyes		Christian Sex Loops		Industrial
	Various Artists		A Saucerful of Pink: A 		Industrial
	Various Artists		Hard Target			EBM
	Various Artists		Industrial Mix Machine		Industrial
	Various Artists		Operation Beatbox		Industrial
	Various Artists		Resurgence			Industrial
	Various Artists		The Best of James Bond 		Other
	Various Artists		Thugs 'n' Kisses		Industrial
	Various Artists		Undercurrent			Industrial
	Velvet Acid Christ	Calling Ov the Dead		Industrial
	White Zombie		Astro-Creep:2000		Metal
	Wumpscut		Music For a Slaughtering 	Industrial
	X-Marks the Pedwalk	Abattoir			Industrial
Below Average:
	29Died			Sworn				Industrial
	Battery			Meat Market			Industrial
	Birmingham 6		Assassinate			Industrial-Dance
	C17H19NO3		Terra Damnata			Atmospheric
	Coil			Panic				Industrial
	Crisis NTI		The Alien Conspiracy		Industrial
	Dark Illumination	Realize the Error		Industrial
	Information Society	Information Society		80s
	Killing Floor		Killing Floor			Industrial
	Lights of Euphoria	Blood Brothers			EBM
	Meat Beat Manifesto	Armed Audio Warfare		Industrial
	Ministry		KE*ANHHH			Industrial
	Noise Unit		Strategy of Violence		Industrial
	Pain Station		Anxiety				Industrial
	Self			Subliminal Plastic Motives	Alternative
	Sister Machine Gun	Addiction			Industrial
	Sister Machine Gun	Metropolis			Industrial
	Various Artists		Das Digitale Vertauen		Industrial
	Various Artists		In Dust We Trust		Industrial
	Various Artists		Industrial Revolution: 3rd 	Industrial
	Various Artists		Infiltrate & Corrupt (COP 	Industrial

	Collapsed System	Berlin 2007		EBM
	Green Day		Insomniac		Alternative
	KMFDM			Xtort			Industrial
	Psychopomps		Pro-Death Ravers	Industrial
	Red Hot Chili Peppers	One Hot Minute		Alternative
	Various Artists		Future Wave		Other

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